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Tongue Tie Doctor Situated at Midland Regional Hospital

Tongue tie is when the bottom of the tongue is attached to the floor of mouth. This may make it hard for the tip of the tongue to move freely. The tongue is connected to the bottom of the mouth by a band of tissue called the lingual frenulum. In people with tongue tie, this band is overly short and thick. In a newborn or infant, the symptoms of tongue tie are similar to the symptoms with a child who is having problems with breastfeeding. 

If your baby has a suspected tongue tie that is impacting on breastfeeding, you will be invited to an appointment with a specialist health professional who will assess the tongue tie. Following this assessment, your baby may or may not be offered the tongue tie procedure depending on the level of impact on breastfeeding. If the procedure if offered, it will be undertaken during the appointment. Advice on breastfeeding will also be shared.

Dr Rizwan Gul consultant general Paediatrician has done his postgraduation  degree from Royal College of Paediatrics London UK in year 2000. He has more than 26 years experience in the field of general paediatrics with special interest in newborn babies and their associated problems like feeding or reflux issues. Dr Rizwan Gul runs specialist Paediatric Asthma clinic in public and private sector associated with  Paediatric Dept. Midland Regional Hospital Portlaoise Co Laois.


Classification of Ankyloglossia

The diagnosis of ankyloglossia is carried out according to the Coryllos classification which defines four types of frenulum:


Type I:
Thin and elastic frenulum; attaches the tip of the tongue to the alveolar ridge, and the tongue forms a heart shape.


Type II:
Thin and elastic frenulum; 2–4mm behind the tongue tip, attaches by the alveolar ridge.


Type III:
Thick, fibrous, and non-elastic frenulum; attaches mid-tongue to the floor of the mouth.


Type IV:
The frenulum is not seen, but felt, with fibrous or submucosal thick and shiny attachment from the base of the tongue to the floor of the mouth.

Please contact us, if you would like to discuss your baby and book a tongue tie assessment appointment.